What will it take to wake up the masses?

I guess I’m as frustrated as any awakened person on this planet when I see what’s going on in the world and next day have to sit next to co workers who ramble on about what they saw on TV last night. I make small comments hoping something will trigger in them to look the other way. I leaflet flyers on eating healthy, saving animals, the truth about vaccines, the Chem-Trails and so on but I don’t see many people even transitioning towards awakening. Am I the only one seeing this sinking ship? I keep my batteries recharged with meditation, staying centered, eating & living healthy. What else can I do? What would you do?


2 thoughts on “What will it take to wake up the masses?”

  1. ‘That crazy toaster’, I am lonesome and almost purchased a puppy which would most probably outlive me. Leaving my children an inheritance they do not want. Anyway, my sister thinks joining Senior Citizen activities would cure my ‘lonesomeness’. Figure that will put me in a place similar to your work place. Retired and where to find like minded people to befriend?


    1. Dear Theresa, do you realize that none of us are ever alone? Do you know this? I know you do. It’s easy to forget this being in a physical body (and being the only awakened one in a sea of pajama people) but I”m here to remind you that you are never ever alone. I know what they say:”you came in alone & you’re going out alone” but those around you are in different frequencies so they can’t always be detected or seen with the physical eye but I know you’re felt them or even seen one or two blink at you. I”m sorry it’s taken me SO LONG to respond. Life happens you know:-) I hope that you are well and it’s super nice chatting with you! oodles of love to you.


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