I”m just a seeker, piecing the dots together of our world to read the narrative put forth by those that created this matrix and come up with my own conclusions.  I feel that it is our responsibility as awakened humans to create the world we wish to live in and not succumb to any fear tactics being so cleverly hoisted upon us worldwide. Ok, so a bit about me: I grew up in New York in the 70’s to strict Catholic (don’t do anything or you’re going to hell) parents. I”m the youngest of 3 sibling. I lived on a tropical island for several years, Sheer joy! and I got myself educated there and became a reporter. I came back to the states, to Philadelphia, PA & landed a great job with NBC. I was happy living alone in a wonderful apartment with my 2 cats. I continued searching for what I came here to do and all the while kept busy with job & activism work. I volunteered with animal shelters, cleaning up debris from rivers & helping build EarthShips. I felt I was doing my bit to help make the world a better place. I wanted to go deeper still,  so I booked a flight to Peru to partake in ceremonies of a sacred medicine, teacher plant called Ayahuasca. After several sessions and several months later I came to certain eye popping & consciousness expanding realizations. I can say with certainty that learning, evolving & sharing never ends and that is what I came here to do. I’ve met many others on this path and we hold this in common. We are the change & we are creating a better world. One big happy-working soul family:-)


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